Throughout #BlackHistoryMonth, celebrated during February in the United States and Canada, we’re highlighting next-generation creatives of color who are shaping the future of their communities. Each of the featured accounts was selected by writer, curator and activist Kimberly Drew (@museummammy). “I have to start by saying I want every single thing that they make,” says Kimberly of the Los Angeles-based brand No Sesso (@nosessola), led by designer Pierre Davis. “This desire comes from the fact that I feel like the clothes were made for me, all of me: a black queer woman. As a brand, No Sesso invites us all to feel like we can belong. Italian for ‘no sex or gender,’ I was totally sold when my friend shared their account with me. No Sesso totally shifts how many people think about what fashion can do. I can’t wait to see what they do next.” Watch our story to see more from No Sesso.