Throughout #BlackHistoryMonth, celebrated during February in the United States and Canada, we’re highlighting next-generation creatives of color who are shaping the future of their communities. Each of the featured accounts was selected by writer, curator and activist Kimberly Drew (@museummammy). “Yoe Apolinario (@yoe.apolinario) invites you into her creative growth and uses her platform to highlight other dance communities around the world,” says Kimberly of the professional dancer who is based in Los Angeles. “I found a video of Yoe dancing alongside SHEstreet (@sheopatra_jones) on [singer] Diana Ross’ Instagram. In the video, they are both in suits and busting out some of the most fly, futuristic dance moves I’ve seen in a long time. While following Yoe’s account, I was exposed to the beauty and strength of Instagram’s dance community. Yoe is fierce, committed and she’s invited us all along for the ride.” Watch our story to see more from Yoe.