Photo and caption by @petekmuller. In transit. Charles de Gaulle Airport, France. I find an open spot in a corner of the frequent flyer lounge and collapse in a chair. I slouch deeply and drape my calf on the table in front of me. My mother would scold me for sitting like this. My eyes are sore, my mouth dry, my internal clock notably off kilter. In my ears, 8 (circle) by Bon Iver, reveals that my physical state portends a sense of emotional discomfort, too. Today, it seems, I feel very far from home. For the last four weeks, I’ve been searching deeply for the path forward on a new body of work for National Geographic. The process has involved discovery and excitement and anxiety but, above all, it’s forced me into meaningful engagement with others. For many years, my work has been relatively straightforward, involving the direct documentation of what unfolds before me. In large part, I pursued this work with few creative collaborators. Now, I stand on the brink of something different. My thoughts are dominated by notions of connection to land and how the places where we live shape and sustain us in varied ways. I’ve felt buoyed by so many wonderful people who very patiently and kindly offered me their time, attention and insights along the way. Follow me at @petekmuller as the journey unfolds. #travel #paris #france #airport