Photo: @andy_mann // We’re wrapping up a great week exploring the marine ecosystems here around San Salvador Island, Bahamas. We started this expedition with many unknowns. Would we find an abundance of sharks? How would we find the relative health of the reefs? It all starts with good planning and a little luck. Once you arrive to a new area and pour over the charts it’s easy to identify the deep sea mounts first. Especially ones that go straight up from 5000 feet to 250 feet. These types of locations can be ambitious dive spots with big swells, ripping current, high winds and a huge unknowns. But we know pelagic species love zones like this so the only way to know is to jump in and be patient. Finally, patience pays off and we got a beautiful visit from a large Oceanic Whitetip in the deep blue. After spending years at nearby Cat Island with this threatened species, it was a special moment to be visited in a new location. I love the sharks body position in this image. It really conveys her grace and power. // #followme @andy_mann if the ocean and its colorful cast of majestic characters inspire you. 🙌🏼🦈 @sea_legacy