Bit nervous ‘bout this one, but stayin’ calm in the pocket. Packed house for an early test screening of SKYSCRAPER. I’m a bit angst because our movie is labeled as a “big summer blockbuster”, but it’s not a superhero film or big franchise. Our movie is hard core at times with dramatic elements, intense action, extreme fire and at its heart and core - my wife and two small children are kidnapped and I won’t back down to save them. And I’m an amputee. This audience is comprised of families. Every age group: 10-65 so you never know how this kind of movie will play. They also have no idea I’m watching with them. Creep mode. Let’s just say when the movie was over, I snuck out to my truck and drove home with a smile. A big silly smile. Blown away by their reactions, ovations and our test scores. It informs the work we have to continue to do but a good first start. #SKYSCRAPER #TestScreening #Families