Back in the office with this guy @rawsonthurber refining our movie, SKYSCRAPER. Rawson also directed CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE, and he’s the sole writer/director of SKYSCRAPER which you’ll see in July. He’s also the sole writer/director of our next film together, RED NOTICE (you might recall we got lucky last month when we shopped the idea of RED NOTICE on the market and it turned into one of the biggest sales in the history of Hollywood). We push each other hard every day and that’s what you always want from your collaborator and friend. He also doesn’t blink when I say, Hey let’s sit on top of our chairs like we’re 12 yr old boys! Excited for you guys to see SKYSCRAPER. Still much work to done, but it’s feeling pretty good. #CinematicTeamwork #Forever12YrOldBoys #JohnsonThurber #MyNameGoesFirst